Big Island Woman Still Stuck in Lebanon

Sarah Ahmadia
Sarah Ahmadia

(KHNL) - A Hawaii woman who's been stranded in Lebanon, throughout the Middle East crisis, will be there, for at least one more night.

Sarah Ahmadia is in Beirut.

She had been scheduled to board a ship on Wednesday, which would have taken her to Cyprus.

But those evacuation plans fell through.

Ahmadia had been with relatives in the mountain town of Sharoon, which is about 15 miles east of Beirut.

"We're doing all right, we're a little frustrated right now because our evacuation attempts from earlier today (Wednesday) got messed up, to say the least. We were supposed to go out on a boat to Cyprus at one o'clock in the afternoon, and after sitting there for a couple of hours, in the sun, they informed about a hundred of us that they had miscounted, miscalculated. They thought that 20-percent of us weren't going to show up, and so there actually wasn't enough room for all of us on the boat," Ahmadia said.

Ahmadia says she now has "priority status" for the next helicopter ride to Cyprus, which is set for Thursday.

Once in Cyprus, all American citizens will be flown back to the United States.