Navy Caves Provide Storage Space In Central Oahu

Kipapa Gulch
Kipapa Gulch

(KHNL)  In the booming business of self storage, one Oahu company is setting itself apart from the rest when it comes to security.

Its storage units are in one of the most secure places on the island.

They're deep, dark and well protected.

Steel door on the front.

Surrounded by concrete.

Underneath 500 feet of earth.

Perfect to store weapons.

But now, they're used to store other items.

"I've got one guy who collects antique cars," said leasing agent Mark Ambard. "He called me up and said I'd like to store nine of them in one of the caves, will they fit? I said you tell me."

Antique cars are some of the treasures hidden inside the 120 bunkers in Kipapa Gulch.

The owner got the land from the military in exchange for redeveloping Ford Island.

Then they got the idea to use the bunkers for storage.

"Hawaii itself is under self-storaged as of square footage element," said Ambard. "If the mainland average is 10 square feet per person in population, Hawaii is in the range of two or two and a half."

These tunnels are 16 feet wide, 250 feet deep, and 12 feet high.

Waikele Self Storage owns 23 of these tunnels, and put up all the walls and doors.

That's so people can rent out these smaller sections, because not everyone needs 4,000 square feet of storage space

There's no power or water. All the lights run on generators.

That means the rent is cheaper here than other storage companies.

"4,000 feet for $1500 a month," added Ambard. "How can you go wrong?"

And you can't get a safer spot.