Police Search for Knife Wielding Robbers

Surveillance cameras captured the knifepoint robbery of a convenience store clerk.
Surveillance cameras captured the knifepoint robbery of a convenience store clerk.

(KHNL) - A broken nose and a gash to his head. Those are just some of the injuries a cashier suffered during a gas station holdup early Thursday morning.

We now have surveillance photos of the brazen crime and we hear from the victim.

The armed robbery happened at a Chevron station near the Honolulu Airport. The victim is a father of two, who took on a second job as a cashier there to make ends meet.

A gas station cashier working the graveyard shift is robbed at knife-point.

"I thought I was dreaming. I thought I was actually dreaming," the victim said.

Call it a nightmare.

It all happened at a Chevron station early Thursday morning. Two men entered the mini-mart and headed straight for the cashier.

"By the time I could react, he already had his hand, arm around my throat and the knife up to my throat," the victim said. "He said, 'You better listen to what I tell you or I'm going to stab you.'

The 45-year-old father of two says the robbers ordered him to open the register.

"Everything happened like in slow motion," he said. "And the first thing I thought also was please don't stab me, don't stab me 'cause he had the knife pushed deep into my throat where it left marks after."

Investigators say one of the suspects grabbed the cash, while the other punched and kicked the victim.

"He broke my nose on both sides, broke a tooth, bottom tooth, had a gash in the back of my head," the victim said. "My jaw feels like it's broken."

Police need your help catching the robbers. The suspects are believed to be in their late 20s.

"Just to let everyone out there know who does work the graveyard shift, I thought it couldn't happen to me," the victim said. "Just be aware. It could happen to anyone."

The victim works as a courier during the day. Despite his ordeal, he says he plans to keep his job as a graveyard shift cashier.

If you have any information regarding this crime, you're urged to call Crimestoppers, at: 955-8300.  All calls to Crimestoppers are confidential.