Kauai Homeowner Asks for Memorial

KILAUEA, Kauai (KHNL) - Four months ago, a wall of water flooded a Kauai town destroying hundreds of acres, and killing seven people.

There is talk now of putting a memorial up to honor the lives lost in that horrible dam breach.

The aftermath of the Ka Loko Reservoir flood is still visible, months after the natural disaster. When the dam broke, it sent an estimated 350 million gallons of water across Kuhio highway, through Kilauea town, and down to Kahili Quarry Beach.

Bruce Fehring lost seven loved ones that day: Daughter Aurora Fehring, grandson Rowan Fehring-Dingwall, and son in law Alan Dingwall. "They were cremated and we have their ashes. Their ashes were spread at sea."

Also killed in the flooding were Christina Macnees and her fiancee Daniel Arroyo; Timothy Noonan, and Wayne "Banyan" Rotstein. Fehring puts his head down and sighs, "It's very, very difficult."

Not a day goes by where he doesn't hurt.  Fehring says he misses  his 2 year-old grandson, Rowan, the most. "I think most often of my grandson Rowan. Not only will I not be able to play with my grandson, he will not have the opportunity to grow up to get to know us better."

Fehring and his family planted three trees on his land, as living memorials to remember the lives lost. He'll plant a few more this summer. The trees are not the only remembrance Fehring's put up. "We have a whole wall devoted to memories and photos of our families and friends."

He's just started thinking about a permanent memorial, to "honor these people, these wonderful people that were lost and their potential that was lost."

Fehring would like to put the memorial near the river mouth, where the bodies were found. If not, he's willing to consider putting one on his property.