Political Signs Causing Environmental Problems

Mary Steiner in November 2005
Mary Steiner in November 2005

HONOLULU (KHNL) - From stickers to signs you just can't miss, all those political signs posted around the island, asking for your support, and ultimately your vote.

A local environmental group is asking candiates to limit the number of signs they put up.

The Outdoor Circle says the signs are creating "visual pollution."

It says in some neighborhoods, there are dozens of duplicate signs posted in the same area.

The group claims to have received many complaints from residents who feel the signs are damaging the natural beauty of their neighborhoods.

Mary Steiner of the Outdoor Circle says, "We are urging candidates to stick to their message and not to the number of signs that they have out there."

The group issued a list of voluntary guildelines for political candidates to follow.

It addresses things such as, the appropriate size of the sign, when signs should come down, and where candidates are legally allowed to post them.