Critics Say New Makapuu Parking Isn't Enough

The Makapuu Lighthouse trail may be easy to hike, but it's a challenge getting parking.

The Department of Land and Natural Resources hopes to change this by opening up a parking lot later this month.

But some critics say, the area will still be too crowded.

Stephen Niles walks back with friends after a trek up to the Makapuu Lighthouse.

"they were like this is amazing!" he said.

But Niles say the hike to the actual trail is not always pleasant.

"parking was kind of treacherous because you have to run across the highway," Niles explained.

Right now, the only place to park is on the side of Kalanianaole Highway.

But the Department of Land and Natural Resources put in parking spaces in an effort to get people off the street.

"It's nice but it's inadequate for the amount of people that are visiting," said Wahiawa Resident Clayton Sasaki.

Some say there's not enough parking stalls to meet the need and that will force people to continue to park on the shoulder. For now, Department of Transportation officials say they'll allow it.

The State limited the number of parking stalls to 55, as a compromise with residents who complained the area would become too commercial.

But Clayton Sasaki it will only be a matter of time before that happens.

"We're looking at another Diamond Head or Hanauma Bay because if we have parking it's going to be so crowded," he said. "I know a lot think the tourist thing is 'oh no it's changing fast,' but I think it's admirable, to have organization so it looks like we actually care."

The Department of Land and Natural Resources says there should be enough parking on most days and it expects there may be an overflow on holidays and busy weekends.

But the key is to get more people into the parking lot and less on the highway shoulder.