Disturbing Details of Triple Murder Revealed

Adam Mau-Goffredo
Adam Mau-Goffredo
City Prosecutor Peter Carlisle
City Prosecutor Peter Carlisle

HONOLULU (KHNL) - An Oahu grand jury indicts 23 year-old Adam Mau-Goffredo on 18 felony counts.

City prosecutors say the three victims were killed execution style and due to the nature of this crime, Circuit Judge Derrick Chan agreed to hold Mau-Goffredo without bail.

"The charges include multiple charges of murder, kidnapping, robbery, burglary and firearm defenses," said Peter Carlisle, Honolulu prosecuting attorney.

The 23 year-old is accused of shooting and killing taxicab driver Manh Nguyen along with Jason and Colleen Takamori.

"That this was a mass murder event. I can also inform the court that it was done in execution style with shots to the head," said Carlisle.

Prosecutors say after the murders, Mau-Goffredo broke into a nearby home on Round Top Drive. They say he tied up Joe and Francine Gedan and drove off with their car. Police later found the gun they say he used in that stolen vehicle. Gedan, who's a former U.S. Magistrate Judge, was at the courtroom to hear the indictment.

"I feel queasy but I'm just waiting for the process to finish," said Gedan.

At first, Mau-Goffredo was being held at the Oahu Community Correctional Center on $25 million bail. But prosecutors asked to change that.

"We would ask for a temporary hold of the defendant without bail," said Carlisle.

Judge Chan agreed until a future bail hearing.

"I would say that in the state of Hawaii, I would hope that any instance of mass murder would be met with a commitment without bail," said Carlisle.

Mau-Goffredo has a history of mental illness.

Prosecutors declined to comment on the possibility of an insanity defense or anything related to the evidence in this case.