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Big City Diner: Local Favorites and Healthy Options

Lane Muraoka Lane Muraoka
Island-style poke Island-style poke
Stir-fry Stir-fry
Baby back ribs Baby back ribs

Billy V: Alright today we are talking with Lane Muraoka of Big City Diner. Now I know that there's a lot of the local favorites that you would have you know like kim chee fried rice and milkshakes but you also focus on a kind of nutritional value for your food as well.

Lane: Yes, as far as were probably the first family restaurant that have offered brown rice as on option at no additional charge with your entrees. We also use nothing but low sodium soyu. We don't carry any MSG in the restaurant. We were one of the first family restaurants with fresh fish. So we have fresh salmon and the fresh catch of the day, everyday. Never frozen, always fresh and we also have things like stir fry and tofu and a lot of healthy aspects served [there].

Billy V: You're well known for delicious food. I guess comfort food. Where you just go ahead and enjoy yourself, in a nice setting. But you guys have kind of expanded to add a bar as well?

Lane: Yes, we have our, it's a full service bar. It's not a primary focus of our concept, but it's complimentary to our food. And we came out with our new locally brewed beer in Kauai and its called Big City Golden Ale. And it's been received very, very well.

Billy V: Anything else you want to mention about Big City Diner?

Lane: Yeah, as far as our happy hours we have two of our restaurants  that have outdoor patios which is Kailua and Waipio. We offer this thing called a Happy Patio. We have these patio seats Monday thru Friday from 3p to 6PM. Fifty percent off all the pupus on the whole menu. Fifty percent off. Something costs six bucks; its three dollars. Something costs four; its 2 bucks. Plus your specials on drinks, too.

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