India Bombings Shock Hawaii Residents

Raj Kumar
Raj Kumar

(KHNL) The search for loved ones continues after Tuesday morning's massive commuter train attack in India.

The bombings in the city formerly known as Bombay killed nearly 200 people and wounded hundreds more.

The news hits especially hard for a Hawaii man who has family living near the train station where the attacks took place.

Raj Kumar was just at the Mahim train station three months ago.

That's the main station where the bombings first went off.

The bombs hit the world's most crowded commuter trains in Mumbai, India, at evening rush hour.

Eight bombs, in all, on seven trains, police said, placed in high luggage racks.

The images were a rude awakening to Raj Kumar who awoke to the shocking news in Hawaii.

"This morning as soon as I turned on my t.v. at 6:30," he said. "Innocent people being killed for no cause."

But it shocked Kumar even more, knowing his relatives live just a few miles away from the bomb blasts.

"They are fine but I don't know, the death tolls are increasing this morning," Kumar said. "About 450 people injured. Since they are still cleaning up the trains and the area they might find more bodies in there."

Police say most of the victims suffered head and chest injuries.

Senior U.S. intelligence officials believe the deadly attack is the work of an Al Qaeda linked terrorist group.

"This is a local group but funded by international" according to Kumar. "9-11 was a wake up call for the whole world and the society and the American government learned this is a time when we need to create a network against the terrorism."

Kumar looks up to a statue of Ghandi to remember his message of peace during these tough times.

"I think we need to create more understanding among them. This is a clash between two cultures" he said. "And accept each other no matter where we come from because we are all human beings."

In response to the bombings, New York City police increased security in the city's transit system as a precautionary measure.

Officials there said there were no specific threats made to New York.