HPD Chief Target of Ethics Probe

Det. Alex Garcia, State of Hawaii Organization of Police Officers.
Det. Alex Garcia, State of Hawaii Organization of Police Officers.

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- Honolulu's top cop is under investigation. KHNL News 8 has learned the city Ethics Commission has opened an investigation into police chief Boisse Correa.

The union representing the state's police officers is accusing the chief of ethical wrongdoing. The city Ethics Commission has agreed to look into the concerns raised by the union.

Honolulu police chief Boisse Correa has his officers scratching their heads, following his trip to Idaho's mountains in June.

"There seems to be a double standard regarding the policy on travel," Det. Alex Garcia, State of Hawaii Organization of Police Officers, said.

The union representing the officers wants to know why the chief attended a conference in Sun Valley, when he was supposed to be on restricted duty.

"When an officer is injured or comes back from an injury, he's not allowed to do any training or any extra-curricular activities," Garcia said. "However, the chief just had back surgery and he's supposed to be on limited or light duty, yet he's taken a trip to a resort at the city expense."

Correa went to the Major Cities Chiefs Conference, which included meetings, training sessions, a bowling tournament, and three days of golfing.

"In most city-sponsored seminars that we attend, it's a 40-hour structured class environment where you learn things that benefit the community or the city," Garcia said. "In this case, when we looked at the agenda, half of the agenda was golf tournaments, bowling tournaments, cocktail parties, things of that nature."

The city Ethics Commission is now investigating.

"Another concern was that most of these events were sponsored by some businesses that do business with the city, some companies that we think would be in conflict," Garcia said.

The Honolulu Police Department's Capt. Frank Fujii said, "All of Chief Correa's travel is pre-approved by both the city administration and police commission. The chief is not aware of the investigation, but it's in his character to cooperate fully with any investigation or inquiry."