List of Bills Vetoed by Governor Lingle

Governor Linda Lingle in June 2006
Governor Linda Lingle in June 2006

HONOLULU (KHNL) The following is a list of all of the 2006 bills vetoed by Governor Linda Lingle. Statements of objections for each bill can be found on the Governor's Web site at the web address listed

HB 0266  Relating to Labor

HB 0439  Relating to the Office of the Ombudsman

HB 1800  Relating to Sale of Real Property

HB 1867  Relating to Workers' Compensation

HB 2199  Relating to International Trade Agreement

HB 2265  Relating to Corrections

HB 2299  Relating to Chapter 803

HB 2558  Relating to Vocational Rehabilitation

HB 2641  Relating to Public Works Projects

HB 2691  Relating to Prevailing Wages

HB 2692  Relating to Public Works

HB 2878  Relating to Special Purpose Revenue Bonds to Assist Tradewinds Forest Products, LLC.

HB 3116  Relating to Hawai`i Children's Health Care Program

HB 3118  Relating to Corporations

HB 3261  Relating to Ingenuity Corporation Charter

SB 2004  Relating to Historic Preservation

SB 2006  Prohibiting Sales of Opihi

SB 2076  Relating to Leasehold Conversion

SB 2133  Relating to Health

SB 2150  Relating to Boating

SB 2166  Relating to Minors

SB 2190  Relating to Employment Security

SB 2244  Relating to Expungements

SB 2727  Relating to Neurotrauma

SB 2997  Relating to Procurement

SB 3035  Relating to Continued Temporary Total Disability Benefits to Injured Employees

SB 3181  Relating to Solid Waste