Musical Tribute To Tantalus Murder Victims

(KHNL)  One of the victims in the shooting at Round Top lookout was Jason Takamori.

Takamori loved music and was the bass player for the Monday Night Band.

The band practices every week and they were at rehearsal Monday evening.

But this time they played with heavy hearts.

Friends say Jason Takamori's talent was big, but his heart was bigger.

The music may be upbeat, but the mood is certainly not.

"I sat down in my chair like this. I slumped in my chair because I could not believe it," said musician Harold Chang.

Jason Takamori was Chang's long time friend and band mate.

Jason and his wife Colleen were victims of the Tantalus shootings.

Chang said, "He sat right next to me. I'm here, he's there, every rehearsal."

Chang and Takamori have been making music together for the last four decades.

For the last 15 years, they've played side by side.

According to Chang they were, "the heart beat of the band."

Takamori was a plumber by trade, but his real passion was his music.

"He would go play at the drop of a hat; free sometimes," said Chang.

His wife was his number one fan.

"She was all for Jason, whatever he wanted to do in music, go ahead."

And so the band plays on, preparing for a performance at Iolani Palace.

"There's many bass players that will take his place, but not with the personality he has and the kindness in his heart."

On this night, the band plays a special song for Takamori, "They'll never be another like you."

"Everybody loved Jason," said Chang, "He would want us to play, of course that's the way he was."