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Neighborhood Bully Sent to Prison

David Domingues at his Monday sentencing in court. David Domingues at his Monday sentencing in court.
Neal Ishida Neal Ishida
Taylor Ishida Taylor Ishida

by Stephen Florino

HONOLULU (KHNL) - The people on a quiet street in Windward Oahu say they can now enjoy a normal home life.

David Domingues, a neighbor who terrorized them for more than 10-years, was sentenced to five years in prison Monday.

"I'm very pleased," said Neal Ishida trying to hold back his emotions. "I feel that five years, I'll be safe, and we can play in the streets, and talk to our neighbors, mow the lawn with no problem."

Neighbors say Domingues constantly threatened them, screamed obscenities and racial slurs, and nearly ran over their children with his car.

"We had to be with her, just so close when she's outdoors," said Ishida, about his 9-year old daughter Taylor. "We could never leave her alone."

"I like to apologize and I'd like to accept responsibilities for my actions," said Domingues, as he addressed the court before the sentence was handed down.

That was the problem for Judge Steven Alm. Domingues never turned around to apologize to the handful of neighbors in the court until Alm directed him to.

"I needed to see real remorse -- I did not," said Alm.

He also said he was "concerned," because Domingues failed a "dry run" at probation. After pleading guilty to two terroristic threatening charges in February, Domingues was released to a drug treatment program at Sand Island. He would be kicked out for violating rules and behavioral problems.

Domingues' lawyer argued that he should get probation, because no physical harm had been done. But Alm said the neighbors stomachs churning and lack of sleep qualified.

"I truly didn't expect a jail sentence in this case," said Monte Kapec. "Mr. Domingues did not express any remorse, did not appear apologetic to any of us that live in the community."

"The right thing took place today," he said.

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