Triple Homicide Suspect Appears in Court

Adam Mau-Goffredo in court on Monday. His bail remains at $25 million.
Adam Mau-Goffredo in court on Monday. His bail remains at $25 million.
Brook Hart, the defendant's attorney.
Brook Hart, the defendant's attorney.

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- He's accused of killing three people at a scenic lookout along Round Top Drive. On Monday, Adam Mau-Goffredo appeared in court for the first time since police arrested him.

The defendant did not speak during the brief court hearing. But his attorney had a lot to say. It appears the man charged with 18 criminal counts ranging from theft to murder might rely on an insanity defense.

A shackled Adam Mau-Goffredo shuffles towards his mother in the courtroom, but a sheriff quickly cuts him off. Security is tight for the murder defendant, whose bail is set at $25 million.

"It's very high and, frankly, the highest bail that I've ever encountered," Brook Hart, defense attorney, said.

The 23 year-old Mau-Goffredo is accused of shooting a cab driver and a Kapahulu couple at a Tantalus lookout Thursday night. None of the three survived.

Mau-Goffredo's attorney is considering an insanity defense.

"He has a documented history of paranoid schizophrenia," Hart said. "And I imagine that that history and his mental status will play a central role in the case."

He's also charged with tying up three people during a home invasion shortly after the shootings. The defense wants to bring in its own mental-health experts to evaluate Mau-Goffredo.

"I think he understands what he's been accused of," Hart said. "The level, nature and extent to which he truly understands will remain to be determined."

The mother of the accused killer has no comment, as she leaves the courthouse.

"The survivors of the persons who died are in the hearts and prayers of the Mau family," Hart said. "And they, the Maus, extend their heartfelt condolences."

The defendant arrived at the Oahu Community Correctional Center shortly after the hearing. As they do with every new inmate, staff members put him through a screening process to determine where should be housed.

Right now, he's assigned to Module four. That's the mental health/special needs unit.

Mau-Goffredo's preliminary hearing is scheduled for Wednesday.