Former Judge Recounts Kidnapping by Triple Murder Suspect

Joe Gedan
Joe Gedan
Police say Mau-Goffredo stole this car from the Gedan home
Police say Mau-Goffredo stole this car from the Gedan home

by Kristine Uyeno

HONOLULU (KHNL) - The Makiki couple who survived Thursday's tragedy is trying to move on with their lives.

Joe Gedan says Adam Mau-Goffredo tied him and his wife up and fled with their car, which they just picked up from Honolulu Police.

"We're just glad to have it back, we needed the transportation," said Gedan.

Gedan says Mau-Goffredo used the Jaguar as his getaway car. That's after he forced his way into the Gedan's house on Roundtop Drive.

"And he said I'm here to take your car if you make a fast move and don't cooperate, I'm going to kill you," said Gedan.

The former U.S. Magistrate Judge says Mau-Goffredo sat the couple on their bed and bound their hands and feet.

"He wasn't physically abusive to us, he appeared to be courteous," said Gedan. "As far as I was concerned he was very cool and collected."

Gedan says before fleeing, the 23-year-old suspect removed all the phones in the house, all of them, except one.

Gedan says he used a phone in the bathroom to call 911 and within about 10 minutes Honolulu Police captured the suspect in Makiki.

Gedan says he and his wife still feel safe in their house, where they have lived for more than 30 years. And they're thankful to be alive.

"I just think less of the little problems we have and realize the important thing is that we have survived," said Gedan.