Get Ready For Bottled Salt Water

KAILUA-KONA, Big Island (KHNL)- If you spend any time in the ocean, you no doubt have swallowed a mouthful or two of salty water. So it's a little strange to think a Big Island company is now producing a million bottles of deep sea water every single day. The video and interviews for this story were provided by Bright Light Marketing which represents bottler Koyo USA.

It plans to turn Hawaiian sea water Into bottled water. Koyo harvests the water from 3 thousand feet below the surface of the ocean. President Yasui Takano explains, "The water on earth is becoming more polluted and we're at a crisis point where shortly the drinking water on this planet will no longer be potable."

Koyo USA opened its third plant in Kailua Kona this month. Quality engineer Glenn Johansen says it's so pure, "All we do is remove excess sea salt from the water in the purification process."

This year it expects to export 36 million dollars worth of sea water to Japan and the continental US- that's more than just a drop in the bucket!