Friends React To A Murdered Colleague

Phil Tran
Phil Tran

(KHNL) - A good man. A loving husband. A dedicated father. That's how friends remember Mahn Nguyen, the cab driver gunned down in the triple homicide on Round Top Drive Thursday night.

"That was my friend and neighbor," said Phil Tran. "That's sad."

The suspect in the shootings, Adam Mau-Goffredo, has been charged with first degree murder (for the multiple murders), three counts of second degree murder, as well as kidnapping and gun charges.

Tran knew Ngyuen for more than 10 years. Both men are from Vietnam, lived in the Kalakaua Homes complex in Waikiki, and made their living driving a taxi.

Tran retired after 15-years behind the wheel. He says it can be a risky job.

"All taxi same like that -- danger," Tran said. "You don't know who nice, who bad."

Police believe Mau-Goffredo took the cab from Waikiki to Tantalus that night.

Tran says the worst part about driving a cab, is you can't pick and choose your customers.

But he says Nguyen was willing to risk that to provide for his family -- his wife and two children. Tran says Nguyen's daughter is in California, and his son is about to go to school on the mainland.

Now, Nguyen's family must now go on without him, after a crime that everyone sees as senseless.

Nguyen's co-workers at TheCab plan to start a memorial fund for his family.