Murder Suspect Held on $25 Million Bail

Adam Mau-Goffredo
Adam Mau-Goffredo

(KHNL) - The man arrested for a triple homicide on Thursday has been charged with first and second degree murder.

Suspect Adam Mau-Goffredo has been charged with one count of first degree murder, three counts of murder in the second-degree, and three counts of kidnapping.

Mau-Goffredo also faces theft and firearms charges, his bail has been set at $25 million.

Mau-Goffredo is accused of killing a Honolulu taxi driver, and a couple from Kapahulu who were taking pictures at a scenic lookout on Round Top Drive.

After allegedly shooting the three to death, Mau-Goffredo fled to a nearby home where he tied-up three residents who live there.

The 23 year-old suspect was later arrested at a police road block.