More About Murder Suspect Revealed

A man lays flower at scene of a triple murder at the Round Top Drive overlook.
A man lays flower at scene of a triple murder at the Round Top Drive overlook.

(KHNL) - The mother of a man suspected of killing three people Thursday night told a Family Court her son suffers from schizophrenia.

Investigators say sometime before 7:15 p.m. Thursday, 23-year-old Adam Mau-Goffredo took a taxi up to the Round Top lookout. Honolulu Police said he shot the cab driver and then shot two other people, a man and a woman both 53 years old.

"It's a senseless crime, you know murders don't occur that often in Honolulu," said Capt. Frank Fujii, Honolulu Police Department spokesman.

"Anytime you have multiple murders like this, that's really rare," Fujii said. "So I consider this a really senseless and heinous crime."

Police said the couple may have been innocent bystanders.

"That's what it appears to be right now," Fujii said. "Just good people who were at the wrong place, wrong time."

About 40 minutes after the shootings were first reported police received word of a home invasion burglary at a nearby home on Round Top Drive. Investigators said Mau-Goffredo attempted to escape using a green Jaguar stolen from the home. Police had already set up a checkpoint on Round Top Drive and stopped the car.

"Because Tantalus right now, because of the landslide, it's easy for us to create a situation so we can have that lockdown," Fujii said.

In March, Mau-Goffredo's mother Lynnete Li Liang Mau filed for guardianship of her son. In family court documents, she said it was because of his current diagnosis of schizophrenia which sometimes interferes with his judgement.