Report: Korean Missile Was Aimed Near Hawaii

President George W. Bush on CNN's "Larry King Live" Thursday
President George W. Bush on CNN's "Larry King Live" Thursday
Kim Jong Il from file footage
Kim Jong Il from file footage

by Stephanie Lum

HONOLULU (KHNL)-   A  Japanese newspaper reported Thursday, North  Korea's long-range missile, launched on the 4th of July, was aimed at an area very close to Hawaii.

KHNL News 8 spoke with U.S. Pacific Command about the report.  A spokesperson tells us U.S. Pacific Command is aware of it, but  can not confirm the validity of the report.

President Bush isn't holding back his feelings about North Korea's actions.

On CNN's Larry King "Live",  for the first time,  President Bush described how he learned about North Korea firing missiles as he visited troops at Fort Bragg on Independence day.

"Donald Rumsfeld called me and said look, you know, he's fired rockets.  Some of the SCUDS went into the Sea of Japan, looks like he fired his long range rocket that tumbled out of the sky.  But we responded very quickly, we had a plan in place to respond if he were to fire these things," said President Bush.

Larry King replied, "Were you prepared to shoot it down?

Bush said, "If it headed to the United States we've got a missile defense system that will defend our country."

The president rejects calls to sit down for direct talks with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il, saying he prefers a diplomatic solution.

However, Bush is having difficulty getting the key players in the six-party talks to speak with "one voice".

While the leaders of South Korea and Japan support tough UN sanctions against North Korea, the president's calls to the leaders of  Russia and China have resulted in a roadblock.