Teen Killed in Fall Off Steep Ridge

(KHNL) - Neighbors show officers where they saw the kids playing.

Marjorie Sternin says she saw the kids playing Thursday morning, "They'd stop and throw rocks and laugh then they'd go back up."

The treacherous cliff rises more than 80 feet above a streambed.

Sternin recalls, "It made me very nervous just to watch."

Hours before the fall Sternin says she saw the victim slide down the cliff.

"They were about two-thirds of the way down. It looked like a larger, older boy in a white t-shirt. He came down but he was slipping. I did see him fall once."

The boys returned for a second hike and the older teen climbed ahead of his friends. That's when he fell to his death. The other kids ran back to Mililani Mauka for help. They told the teen's dad about his son's fall. He waited as rescuers recovered his son.

Firefighters cut a hole in the fence and stretched a line to bring up the body.

Fire Captain Jerry SPencer explains, "They put the body in a stokes basket and brought it up from the ravine up to the street area."

Firefighters comforted the father as he mourned the loss of his son.  And neighbors reeled from the tragedy as well.

Sternin recalls watching them out her window, "I can't watch anymore. I know boys will be boys, but I can't watch anymore. Oh, I feel so bad."