World Reacts to North Korean Missile Testing

Senator Daniel Inouye
Senator Daniel Inouye

(KHNL) - The U.N. Security Council is considering imposing sanctions on North Korea's weapons program after the communist state test-fired a series of missiles, including a long-range missle that some say could reach Hawaii.

Japan, backed by the U.S. and Britain is preparing a resolution demanding that nations withhold all funds, material and technology that could be used for North Korea's missile program.

But Russia and China have made it clear they would oppose any sanctions.

President Bush on Wednesday said the North Korea's decision to fire seven missiles will just make the country even more of an outcast.

Senator Dan Inouye says he approves of the way the president has handled the situation so far, "If he had cancelled all of his appointments and said i got to get back from here and we're in a crisis, it would have sent the wrong message. But demonstrating coolness to the world community is what should have been done and that's what we did. So I commend him for that."

Major South Korean newspapers are reporting North Korea has three or four more missiles on launch pads ready for firing.