A Wie-bit Cynical

As she continues to map out her summer vacation by playing in different golf tournaments across the mainland, maybe it's time to ask the cynics and whiners one more time to just clam up and enjoy the ride as we watch the Michelle Wie saga continue to unfold.  My goodness, four Top 5 finishes in the last six women's major golf events, and she's only 16-years old.  No one in the history of the game has ever done so well at such a tender young age- not even Tiger or Arnie.

Yeah, she could've made a shot here, been a bit tighter to the pin there.  Yeah, she's gotta make a few more 8-footers and miss a few less 4-footers.  But so do Phil, Ernie, Annika and Karrie. She's just 16 years-old, and she's challenging all of the coveted institutions and conventional wisdom of this sometimes aloof and snooty game.  So go back to shooting your 95s this weekend, take a deep breath, and then just enjoy this incredible story that you get to witness all of the time- for free- throughout the year.

Because one day, she'll turn 18 or 19 or 26, and someone else will be hitting the little ball 300-yards, challenging the status quo, and making new headlines.  And then you'll be the one saying "ah, remember when Michelle...".  Think about it...