The Stars of Tomorrow, Today

Hawaii Winter Baseball is back on the local scene after a nine-year hiatus.  Now that Major league baseball has finally agreed that it makes more sense to send its minor league youngsters to Hawaii than it does to ship them off to some foreign country of uncertainty to play for a few months, the refurbished league should provide more great moments.  Whether it's Ichiro or Kotsay, Winn or Giambi, one thing for sure about this venture- you will see tomorrow's stars today, right in our own backyard.

Whether it's at Hans L'Orange or at Les Murakami Stadium, the nascent neophytes will shine in October and November, and local baseball fans will be the winners as they gather again to watch future-big leaguers from America alongside their minor league counterparts from Asia five days a week as the umpire yells "play ball!" And you get to speculate alongside the pro scouts as to who will be the next superstars of the sport!

Kudos to Duane and Hervy Kurisu for their patience and persistence in making sure the economics make sense right from the get-go in this well-planned return of Hawaii Winter Baseball. See you at the park.  Plan to catch a game or two, and don't just think about it...