Inter-dependence Days

Hopefully, somewhere between the fireworks at the beach and the burgers and the exchange of pleasantries with family and friends, somebody in your group reminded everyone just what Independence Day stands for.  After all, we should never take our freedoms for granted, and we should make sure that every generation fully understands that freedom simply isn't free, and that goes for numerous types of freedom.

But beyond the concept of independence, how about acknowledging the concept of inter-dependence?  After all, no man is an island, and there's no way we can have the liberties that we enjoy today if people didn't work together for a cause.  On a mundane level, interdependence also allows you to go play golf or go to yoga class while someone at home is cooking the meals or paying the bills.

Interdependence is essential for our kids to learn the true meaning of freedom, ethics, and civil liberties in Hawaii and elsewhere.  Perhaps we should all spend more time recognizing inter-dependence days as we celebrate our inspiring independence.  Think about it...