A Bittersweet Reunion At The University Lab School

July 2, 2006 01:09 AM

(KHNL) - There is BBQ chicken on the grill as those arriving for dinner check in.

They include alumnus Melvina Nakao and her granddaughter Lei-Vaugh Wanstead who will be in the ninth grade.

Nakao says "It is very hard to talk about it and even look at the place. We hope to raise money for the school to build back up again and build the programs, classrooms and equipment we lost.

It's perhaps hardest on the students who lost everything in the June 13th fire.

Wanstesd says, "Please donate to the school because we really need the money to rebuild what is gone."

Many leave the party and walk over to the pile of rubble.

They stare and point to their old classrooms. All they have are memories.

Back inside the cafeteria it's dinnertime and former students fill their plates.

Others sell t-shirts and accept donations.

Lanning Lee, Alumni Association Vice President pleads, "We need that money to rebuild the five affected programs. They induce orchestra, drama, Hawaiian Culture, Choir and the Athletic Department. It was all wiped out that day, totally completely, totally wiped out that day."