Honolulu's Mounted Unit to Stay In the Saddle

(KHNL) -- After talk of disbanding the Honolulu Police Department's mounted unit, News 8 has learned, Police Chief Boisse correa may keep the patrol, if the community can shoulder some of the costs.

Besides their crime fighting duties, members of the mounted unit are making friends.

Stable owner Katy Gibson supports the unit.

"The kids are just drawn to the horses, they come up to them, but if you have an officer in a car they are not going to talk to that police officer. Kids have never seen a horse before never touched a horse," Gibson said.

Unit members teach the children not only about the horses, but how these four legged police officers help to keep their community safer.

Gibson adds, "It has been something we needed for years. It has been struggling for last five years and we need a lot of public support to keep it going. Everything they do is positive."

Many mounted units on the mainland are supported through private donations.

Friends of the Honolulu Police Department's mounted unit would like to set up a foundation to help offset operating expenses.