Police and Fire Ready for 4th of July

(KHNL) - Police and fire officials are reminding residents to have a fun but safe Independence Day Holiday.

"Last year was real busy, just on July 4th alone, we had 101 brush fires," said Capt. Kenison Tejada, spokesperson for Honolulu Fire.

Firefighters don't want history to repeat itself so they're reminding people how easily accidents can happen.

"Fireworks, dry brush and people are sometimes in a festive mood and not real vigilant so it kind of worries us," said Capt. Tejada.

Retailers are now selling fireworks around Hawaii.  You don't need any kind of special permit to buy those, but it is required if you purchase non-aerial common fireworks, also known as firecrackers.

You can get the permit at any Satellite City Hall for $25.

Honolulu Police will be stepping up enforcement. They'll be arresting and fining people who illegally set off fireworks, which are prohibited from public areas such as parks.

"It became very dangerous and we actually had incidents where people were shooting bottle rockets at our officers and throwing firecrackers at us, and it's just very dangerous," said Sgt. William Axt with the Honolulu Police Dept.

So to keep it safe this holiday, use only approved fireworks from a licensed retail outlet and read all instructions listed by the manufacturer. Fire officials also say be a good neighbor and watch out for yourself an those around you.