The Night Chaminade Surprised The World

Andy Yamaguchi
Andy Yamaguchi

(KHNL) - The Honolulu Advertiser's been covering local sports, since before there were any local sports.

And over that 150 year stretch, few sports stories have stood out like the one that went down two nights before Christmas back in 1982.

It's considered one of the biggest upsets in the history of organized sports. One of the few stories that hit home and is still remembered nationally.

It wasn't only not believed here, it was not believed on the mainland too.

Players just slightly bigger than those in high school, had done the unthinkable.

That night back in 1982 shocked the college basketball world.

Tiny little Chaminade had beaten the number one team in the country,  the Virginia Cavaliers.

Andy Yamaguchi was courtside that night ready to write about Chaminade's game effort but not their winning effort, "In my head I'm thinking, I gotta write a story about Chaminade winning now. It was a hard story to write. Cause its like you're writing a historical document that people are going to look at for years. So there's some pressure on my standpoint."

What many saw on T.V. was that now infamous shot of Chaminade star Richard Haenish victoriously sitting on the blaisdell basket.

A shot almost missed, because cameras used actual film in those days that had to be developed in time for deadline.

Even more remarkable, two days before that game Chaminade lost to wayland Baptist.

While U.V.A. and Ralph Sampson, they were coming off a win in the so called game of the century over Georgetown and Patrick Ewing.