Honolulu's Finest Give Blood Donations

Honolulu police officer Cynthia Hytry donates blood during her shift.
Honolulu police officer Cynthia Hytry donates blood during her shift.

HONOLULU (KHNL) - They save lives in many different ways. But on Wednesday, Honolulu police officers gave the gift of life by donating blood.

Police officers aren't afraid of little needles.

"When I give blood, I want to watch them," Honolulu police officer Cynthia Hytry said, while laughing.

Besides, this is for a good cause. Every day, hundreds of patients count on volunteer blood donors for their survival.

"We are first responders. We see people who are critically injured and need blood," Hytry said. "And, you know, if we can help a little bit, it's important."

Officer Cynthia Hytry gets her arm prepped. She's donated blood several times now. Her parents taught her the importance of it.

"My mom and dad. I can remember from when I was small kid going to, it's blood drive time, so going to give blood," she said.

The Blood Bank of Hawaii says Honolulu Police Department officers and civilian workers gave more than 600 pints of blood last year. Each pint can help save three lives.

"I never know what's going to happen to either myself, family members or beat partners," Hytry said. "So just the opportunity to help."

She's one of 68 people donating at this blood drive.

"The needle prick is minor," she said. "And, you know, you're helping save a life. So if you can, why not?"

The Honolulu Police Department hosts eight blood drives each year.