Fish Tales

The Northwest Hawaiian Islands have been designated as a national monument.  The implications for this include a sense of security for environmentalists and a sense of bewilderment for some Hawaii fishermen.  Some of the excluded fishermen have begun an effort to redefine the boundaries and to allow for pelagic (or deep-sea) fishing, while at the same time these handline fishermen pledge to provide a widespread security force, as these same anglers will, in essence, ironically be patrolling the very same waters they are fishing.

The delicate balance of food chain needs, livelihoods being impacted and reasonable fishing rights are obviously subjective issues that must be discussed before this new monument's rules are set in stone.  Over-fishing should not be assumed by wary protectionists, just like compliance with rules by all fishermen is not a guarantee.

Finalizing the details and the boundaries of this region will hopefully result in a win-win situation for the ocean environment, fish-loving consumers, and for career fishermen, who pledge to use this area in a responsible and respectful manner.  Let's make sure there is a happy ending for all in this local fish tale.  Please, think about it...