Homeless Man Arrested for Occupying Maintenance Shack

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Sunday police respond to a call that a man is stealing copper from a Department of Transportation shed.

No evidence he was stealing copper, but plenty of evidence he made himself at home. Officers arrested him on a warrant.

Homeless advocates say as rents increase, people find shelter where they can. Connie Mitchell, Executive Director at the Institute for Humans Services says, "I think there are a lot of people falling on hard times just because of the housing market how it has just pushed people out of housing."

There are soda containers and plastic bags from one end to the other.  From the looks of things he used candles to light the room and perhaps heat his food.

There are personal belongings including clothes and a radio.

To make things comfortable he laid carpet and cardboard on the floor.  And in the center of the room, a white trash can.

Back in March, the state evicted dozens of people who were living under a freeway viaduct.

Advocates for the homeless say the steps people are taking to find shelter demonstrates the need for more affordable housing.

Mitchell explains, "People feel they don't have any choice so they look for places. As long as it is safe they fell like nobody is going to bother them there."

They'll likely throw away all the man's stuff. And Mitchell reminds us,

"I think the answer is permanent housing for people."