More Local Products Hit Military Stores

KO OLINA (KHNL)- 8 local stores will be adding their products to Hawaii's 5 military commissaries. They were selected from 5 dozen vendors yesterday, at a food fair at Ihilani Resort & Spa to court commissary buyers.

Getting a slot can mean overnight success. One vendor, Bella Rosa, estimates it can boost his profits by 50 percent.

Pat Nixon is a military buyer and explains why the commissaries like having local products. "In Hawaii there are more local small businesses with unique products than in any other economic area that we do business in. The unique spices, different tastes; it's a great way for us to introduce those quality products to our shoppers."

The commissaries in Hawaii sell $210 million of goods a year. The 140 new products will come from these companies:

Akamai Pacific (Big Island Delights)

Fritz's European Bakery

Deb's Ribs & Soul Food

Wong's Meat Market

Sugarmill Cookies

Hawaiian Fudge

Pacific Kool

Poppi Company