Day Two On Picket Line For Kauai Nurses

(KHNL) - No new talks scheduled as Nurses at Kauai's only hospital spend their second day on strike.

D.Q. Jackson is on the nurse's negotiating team. "As you can see the nurses at Wilcox hospital, Kauai's nurses are on strike."

Dozens of Kauai nurses walked off the job today.The nurses say they aren't in it for the money.

Jackson explains "They are on strike over safety issues. Money, benefits, has nothing to do with it. Our concern is for the safety of our patients."

Administrators brought in outside nurses during the strike.

Wilcox Hospital President and CEO Cathy Clark explains, "The nurses we have contracted for have come to us from various parts of the country their resumes are wonderful. So far this morning everything has gone pretty well. There are adequate nurses to care for the patients.

Jackosn says they are unable to work out a safety staffing issue with Hawaii Pacific Health. "Our argument here is based on how many patients can dance on the shoulders of one nurse until someone gets hurt."

"I think it is unfortunate this strike had to happen. Both the nurses and the administration have patient care in mind I don't think they are too far off I hope we can work this out soon so we can all go back to working together." Explains Clark.

Jackson has no idea just how long will this strike last. "Until we can come up with safe staffing Hawaii nurses are going to be on strike."