911 Calls from UH Lab School Fire Released

HONOLULU (KHNL) - For the first time tonight we hear from callers reporting the University Lab School fire. If you listen carefully, some of those calling 9-1-1 give clues to where the fire started.

Neighbors and people driving by were quick to call the fire department.

Here are some dispatches.

"Fire Department what is your emergency? Hi, report of a possible fire at University Elementary school. The lab school on Metalf? What part of it? What part? It's on the grass field side of elementary."

9-1-1 calls from the University Lab School fire indicate this fire started out as a brush fire. Not a building fire.

Fire dispatchers ask, "Fire Department what is your emergency?

You got the fire at Metcalf street? Yeah we are on our way just bushes yeah? I don't know can only see the buidling Just bushes, no I see it, building yeah."

These witnesses led investigators to determine the fire was intentionally set in the grass behind the school. Callers then say it spread to the building.

More 9-1-1 calls, "Are you calling about the brush fire University lab school. Yes it is a strucutre fire. Oh it is a building fire? Building fire. yeah."

Dispatchers answer calls, "Fire Department what is your ememrgency?

Yes there is a fire at University High School on Metcalf Street. What is burning?. Uh the building. What building is this? I think it is the elementary. "

The fire caused more than six million dollars in damage. Already more than 35-thousand dollars in donations have poured into the fire recovery fund. This as the arson investigation continues.