Homeowner Says City Not Helping with Rock Wall Dispute

KAHALUU (KHNL) - A Kahaluu woman says her confidence in the city has eroded after an ongoing dispute that's lasted for over a year.

At issue, a wall between her and her neighbor's property, a wall which she says is a major safety hazard.

The wall separates more than just two properties. It's created walls between two neighbors. It started in April 2005, when the Nooners began building a rock wall.

Neighbor Dianne Poire says it's not built to code. "I'd like to ask the city and county to just enforce the law. If the structure is unsafe, please just make it right."

At first the city agreed, and issued a stop work order. But the neighbors got new plans approved. Poire is skeptical. "Whether what is eventually built matches the plans is questionable."

She says cracks appeared in her wall right away. "I am afraid my house will move and come crashing down on someone along with the cesspool and the rock wall and the soil and everything else."

Poire hired a soil engineer to examine this rock wall for erosion risk. He agreed with her in his report. But she says she still can't get anyone to listen to her.

Several times, the city's come out, most recently, Wednesday. "Today no one would measure it," she says.

Her calculations show the wall measurements differ from the blueprints. "When you measure it, the wall won't lie."

She wants to know what it'll take to get the city to listen and says maybe it'll take a lawsuit.

The city told us it did measure the wall and is still working to investigate this. It's still in a fact finding stage. The neighbor, Michelle Nooner, hasn't returned our call.