Driven To Success

What a great showing last week at the U.S. Open by Hawaii's own Tadd Fujikawa. Yet another child golf star that has stepped up his or her game and seen it showcased on the national stage. And he's a nice young man, too. With so many other teens and even pre-teens coming along, the future for Hawaii's youngest golf stars has never looked brighter.

No, they won't all be big winners on the national or international stage, but what great lessons these kids are learning while they represent our state so well. Humility, grace under pressure, composure, confidence, a strong work ethic, commitment, ethical behavior, even a child-like zeal- it's all a big part of the game and that's what these kids are learning and showing, as well as their 275-yard drives and amazing short games.

If they win or do well, that's great, but the life lessons learned and shared by these links' ambassadors goes a lot further than just numbers on a scorecard. In an age where sometimes unappealing distractions for kids are plentiful, having a plan and a passion for something positive is a refreshing path for our keiki to travel down. May they all continue to thrive, at every level, on every stage. Think about it...