Starwood Hotels taking New Approach to Marketing in Hawaii

(KHNL) --  Starwood Hotels in Hawaii are taking a new approach in marketing their properties.

In this digital age Starwood is going hollywood.

Instead of the time tested brochure, Starwood has turned to local advertising agency Milici Valenti Ng Pack to create a series of short films.

Account Executive Bill Weeshoff says the films range in length from 5 to 11 minutes.

"It's going to work because the consumer is in control of the medium. they select what they want to watch, when how and where".

George Chalekian is the creative director for the films. He says like any successful film you need a good storyline and engaging characters.

"And hopefully like any good story there's a sense of drama, emotion, excitement and resolution and we've got you from the get go".

Starwood is a major sponsor of the Hawaii International Film Festival. The company now plans to enter film festivals as a participant by entering their short films as trailers or previews.

The short films are available for viewing on Starwood's web page.