Hawaiian Mission School More Damaged from Fire than Originally Thought

(KHNL) -- From the outside, the damage doesn't seem that bad, but a look inside shows the building is nearly destroyed.

School Spokeswoman Deloris Trujillo explains, "It has the auditorium offices, restroom, 8th grade classroom and office and kitchen area."

The fire apparently started in the ceiling of the auditorium.

Unlike the UH lab school fire, this fire does not appear to be suspicious.

It's possible an old wooden beam may have ignited in a phenomenon called, "spontaneous combustion."

Now there are concerns the roof may collapse.

Trujillo is thankful a church group was at the school Sunday when the fire started, "These people that called immediately that was a great blessing they also were able to move a piano and save it if they hadn't been there who knows what damage would have been done that was even more so and the fact that nobody was hurt that is a great blessing."

For now the 35 kids attending summer school meet in back classrooms. This front building is much too dangerous.

Trujillo is worried, "That this is a disruption to our whole school program. So that is the next concern, what can we do to get that school up and running, ready for August."