Sons Follow in Footsteps of Drumming Dad

Chuck James
Chuck James
Justin James
Justin James
Jerome James
Jerome James

MAPUNAPUNA, Oahu (KHNL) - They are following in the footsteps of their father, even though their dad marches to the beat of his own drum. On this day for dads, we meet a family who is making a lot of noise about what their special father has taught them.

For Chuck James, his passion has turned into his career.

"I started in back of my house doing drum lessons, teaching a few drum lessons, that was back in '76. It started with five people, now were up to 200 students a week" said drum instructor Chuck James.

But at this drum shop, while the rhythms are Jameses', they are not only Chuck's. He's got four boys, three who play drums.

"I've been playing drums my whole life" says son Justin.

That love of drums now has Justin working alongside his dad as an instructor. And during that time, he is learning about more than just music.

He's definitely my father and someone who I respect" said Justin.

Son Jerome is also in on this gig, learning about the family business from his father, who has shown them all a passion for playing can make their dreams come true and bring a family together.

 "He's been playing drums for all these years, so he's definitely been doing something right" said Jerome.

"Music bonds the family, by giving us a large common ground" said Justin.

And chuck has good news for this Fathers Day. His other son, the one who doesn t pick up sticks and play, and who even said to his drumming dad: "Dad I don't want to do what you do!"

Well, apparently even he couldn t resist the urge to get into this family's rhythm.

"About six months ago I get a call from him in Alaska. He says guess what dad? I just bought a drum set!" says Chuck with a laugh.

That news along with the sounds of his other sons playing - is music the ears of this proud percussionist.

"I'm just so proud of them. The fact that I can pass on something that's really important to me" says James.