Smoke Pours Out Of A Makiki School

(KHNL) - A church group uses the school on Sundays for their services. Once a month they have a potluck. Suddenly smoke and flames interrupted their lunch.

Thick, noxious smoke pours out of the school.

Honolulu Fire Department Spokesman Jerry Spencer cautions, "We need to keep the people back away from the scene until they put the fire under control"

Smoke seeps out a vent at the Hawaiian Mission Elementary and Intermediate school. Firefighters on the school's roof direct the hoses. Spencer explains, "They weren't able to locate the fire right away

About 120 students attend the school. no classes on Sundays but members of the city church of Honolulu just finished services.

Anton Krucky explains, "Once a month we have a potluck, fellowship after church and while we were doing that some people noticed oh a little bit of smoke. We saw some arching outside electrical sparks all of a sudden flames shot out.

Musician Deshannon Higa made it out. "We noticed smoke coming out of the building no one actually in the building at the time. It wasn't until we actually saw flames coming out of the roof the smoke started turning dark."

Potluck ruined, Anton Krucky tells us the church members sprung into action. "We just started getting everyone out of the way right away."

His son Kyle says, "They just stayed calm and went far away from the fire."

Dozens of church-goers gathered a safe distance from the burning school. They talk about how this fire started.

Reid Krucky witnessed, "The electrical box was smoking and then it started catching on fire an smoke came out the roof then the electrical wire came way down and exploded."

Ironically, church member Anton Krucky finds it a blessing the potluck was scheduled for this week. "Probably the whole building would have come down because as soon as we saw smoke we called 9-1-1. It probably would have burnt longer before anyone noticed."

Higa adds, "It is Kind of nice we were there, otherwise there would not have been anyone there and that much later for a phone call and that much more damage. I feel blessed that they were there."