Deadly Start to Father's Day Weekend on Oahu's Roads

(KHNL) -- A fatal crash occurred in the town-bound lanes of the H-3 freeway around 3:45 this morning.

A woman driving a 2006 Chevy Malibu was heading in the wrong direction on the freeway. The woman driving the Chevy is from Montana.

She collided with a woman driving this green Honda.

Police emphasize a head-on crash at freeway speeds of up to 60 miles per hour can equate to an impact of up to 120 miles per hour.

Emergency Medical Services Spokesman Brian Cheplic explains, "The 33 year-old female died at the scene. The 48 year-old woman was brought here to the Queens Medical Center serious but stable condition."

The Pearl City woman is identified as Janice Madamba.

The Montana woman may face charges of negligent homicide. Traffic investigators say they haven't determined if alcohol was a factor in the crash. Officers say they don't know why the woman behind the wheel of this brand new car was heading up the H-3 freeway into oncoming traffic.

There was another head-on collision last night, this one fronting Shark's Cove on the North Shore. Five people were injured in this crash. Four were transported in serious condition, one man suffered minor injuries.

Cheplic says, "Those people were wearing seatbelts. That helped them from being critically injured and saved them from losing their lives."

In a separate crash, a 21year-old man was ejected from the bed of a pickup truck in McCully.

He is listed in extremely critical condition.

One mom says that's the reason she won't allow her seven kids to ride in the bed of the family pickup truck.

Keala Alo explains, "It is not safe to be sitting in the back without a seatbelt."

Keala's kids can sit in the back and enjoy sporting events like cricket at Keehi Lagoon.

Alo insists, "If someone was to hit us they would fly out immediately, no doubt they would fly out of the vehicle. That is the fear I have."

Keala feels the crashes overnight, while tragic, could have been prevented, "Right now see a lot of careless drivers which cause accidents and that is the reason why I don't allow I trust myself on the road. I just don't trust the other drivers."