Kailua Road Work to Finish Soon

by Howard Dashefsky

KAILUA (KHNL) - The traffic into Kailua town should be flowing smoothly by Saturday night.

Saturday morning road crews will put the finishing touches on a temporary lane where the landscaped medium once stood.

And while the greenery may be gone, at least for now, the extra lane is a welcomed sight says Kailua resident Lili Egan.

"it's been really tough getting into Kailua because of the lane. It bottlenecks in that area so it's been hard getting around".

The state Department of Transportation closed off the lane closest to the hillside on Kailua road after several large rock falls during the heavy rains in March.

For the past couple weeks road crews have been prepping the new lane. Now it's ready for the asphalt.

Dennis Kinoshita is heading the paving project. He says work will start early.

"We're going to start at 7 a.m.  We have permits from 7 to 5 but were going to get it done as soon as possible".

The good news for everyone is that eventually the asphalt being put down tomorrow will be ripped back up in the Fall after work on the hillside is complete.

And the palms that are being cared for at a nearby nursery, will be replanted, putting the green back into Kailua town