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Two-Year-Old Gets Jump Start on Golfing Career

(KHNL) -- Tadd Fujikawa's performance is just another sign that more young people are picking up golf.

But one family is adding new meaning to get an early jump on their child's golfing career. The Ala Wai driving range has become the regular practice spot for one young golfer who still gets wheeled around in a stroller.

He doesn't havea lot of distance on his drives, but give him time. T-K Demir's only two years old, and he's only been playing the game for six moths.

"We were just in the store around december and we saw some of those little kids golf club sets and I thought that would be cool if we just get him started with that and that was one of his christmas presents," says Lilian Demir, T-K's mother.

T-K'S parents don't golf, but they try to cover the basics.

For now it's just a game for T-K, but his mom hopes it will become something that he continues to enjoy as he grows older.

But T-K'S father admits to having dreams of a son on the pro tour.

Maybe it's the challenge, or maybe there's something else behind T-K's love of golf.

Some consider golf a test of their skills, for this little guy, it's just a lot of fun.

T-K's parents say he's starting to hi the ball a little too well to let him play inside their waikiki home. They sau bringing him to the driving range seems to make him enjoy golf even more.

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