Treasure Hunt For U.S. Soldiers

Rachel and Kelsi Okun
Rachel and Kelsi Okun

(NBC) - Two young sisters came up with an idea to get kids interested in American History and at the same time help U.S. Troops and their families.

This weekend's premiere of the NBC reality show "Treasure Hunters" isn't the only hunt underway.

10-year-old Rachel and 8-year-old Kelsi Okun have created a hunt of their own to benefit U.S. Soldiers.

They say, "We just wanted to give them some support and tell them we're thinking of them."

These avid treasure hunters created a written and online contest called "Thanks USA" players answer U.S History questions to win prizes.

The answers lead to one important clue and the grand prize, a treasure chest filled with 100 thousand dollars in jewels, diamonds, pearls, and rare coins; All donated by a Virginia jeweler who says as an immigrant helping the troops is his duty.

"When you are welcomed by a country like yours in such a generous way and you have a chance to live your dream, you owe that country a lot, a lot of gratitude."

The treasure hunt raises donations and awareness for four million dollars in scholarships for military families.

But the girls admit convincing kids to do schoolwork over the summer hasn't been easy, "Everybody's like 'i don't really wanna do this. It's too hard. Then they're like: you can have it back."

But thousands have already signed up to play and help the troops.

The girls say that's the real treasure.

The two sisters were able to use their parents' D.C. connections to get donations for prizes. Their mom is a top government trade official and their dad, is an NBC executive.