Police Raid Suspected Drug Den Under Kalihi Bridge

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Police raided a suspected drug house in Kalihi, after complaints came pouring in from neighbors.

The makeshift apartment is on state land, and underneath a bridge along the Kapalama canal.

A frustrated neighborhood looked on, as Honolulu police slowly cleared-out a seedy hang-out underneath the Dillingham Boulevard Bridge.

One by one, a dozen characters emerged from the shadows and lined-up along the railing.

Sgt. John Kauwenaole of the Honolulu Police Department said, "The people around here in the apartment houses, they see what's going on, they hear the loud arguments, they see the cars stopping by late at night, early in the morning. The community was basically kind of mad."

The alledged meeting place under the bridge is elaborate, complete with electric lighting. That area also sits on state property.

Despite the raid, there were no arrests on this particular morning just police warnings.

Sergeant Kauwenaole says police had been prepared to arrest people who were previously warned. But those people apparently listened to police and stayed away.