UH Lab School Suffers Millions in Damages

MANOA (KHNL) - Investigators returned to the University Lab School, to search through the rubble to try to find some answers to the massive fire that gutted a 67-year-old building.

"I can tell you that the area of origin was near the backside of the theater," said Capt. Kenison Tejada, Honolulu Fire Spokesperson.

Fire officials estimate damage to the building at $6 million and damage to the contents inside, another half million. The fire completely destroyed the performance and physical education building.

Firefighters faced several difficult challenges in getting the flames under control.

"There was a large fire, huge amount of heat. We need a lot of water and yesterday's case, there were some challenges with the water we weren't able to supply everyone with as much water as we would've wanted to," said Tejada.

Throughout the day, many people stopped by to see the damage caused by the fire and to think about the memories they've made here.

"I have played my instrument here, I have performed plays I will always remember," said Marshall Schroeder, student.

The building just passed a fire inspection in November. Although it was an older, wooden building, it had sprinklers in the hallway. But they couldn't handle the intense flames.

Fortunately, no one was injured.

"It just reminds you of what's important in life. People, not stuff," said Kevin Dierks, whose office was located in the damaged building.

Investigators will be back out there tomorrow to try to figure out the cause of the fire.