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June 16, 2006

Rare Air

While we all say "Mahalo" for the current local airfare wars, we have all "Discover"-ed that living here in the "Mid-Pacific", it simply has never been economically feasible for three large airline carriers to make it in Hawaii's skies. Recently, we have seen $ 79 fares, then $ 39, then $ 19, then free. Frankly, I'm holding out; I'm waiting for some entrepreneurial airline to offer me money to fly to the Neighbor Island of my choice, perhaps with a meal thrown in. Talk about your "friendly skies"!

While it's hard to say when and where this crazy air war will end, it is not crazy to assume that something's gotta give. With higher fuel costs and a few other relatively healthy smaller local carriers already in place, this battle for our inter-island travel dollars is probably going to leave someone unhappy down the road, or rather, down the runway. And then there's the whole Superferry transportation reality coming in 2007, we think.

In the meantime, say "Aloha" to your worries for a weekend as you "go!" on your cheap or free flight to the "Hawaiian" island of your choice. But you might want to do it quickly. Think about it...

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