U2 Spy Plane Makes Rare Hawaii Visit

Major Kirt Stallings
Major Kirt Stallings

HICKAM AFB (KHNL) - A rarely-seen, key piece of weaponry in the US military made a stop in Hawaii on Tuesday. The U-2 and her crew are on their way to their new home in South Korea.

The U-2 is an Air Force spy plane. It's job is surveillance and reconnaissance in support of US and allied forces. The planes landed at Hickam this morning, and were only here long enough for refueling, and some routine checks.

The U-2 features a variety of imaging products such as infrared and radar. It flies at an altitude of more than 70,000 feet, more than twice as high as commercial jetliners, and high enough to see the curvature of the earth.

"Kind of the tip of the spear, providing high altitude intelligence and surveillance and reconaissance for the national command authorities. We call it the dragon lady. It s got a bite, somedays she's good to you, some days she's not good to you. Not a sexy airplane but she gets the job done" said Major Kirt Stallings, a U-2 pilot.

The U-2 is considered to be the most difficult airplane in the world to fly.