Homeless Camps Keeping Visitors Away


WAIANAE (KHNL) - Some people say they're afraid to go to the beaches on the Leeward side of Oahu because of the increasing number of homeless people living there.

"You're kinda afraid to go to the beach, even to walk at night, cause you don't know if the people are drinking," said Jenny, a beach-goer who didn't want her last name revealed. "I cannot come in the evening to just walk. You have to think now, oh no, it's kinda dangerous. It wasn't like this before."

She said the number of tents along the beaches starting popping up a couple months ago. They now line the sand and grassy areas, making Maili Beach Park look like a small community.

Many of the people there are homeless, but not jobless. A lot of them say they have full time jobs, but they can't afford a house.

"A lot of people won't take you if you have four kids," she said.

Jenny said her daughter is in the same situation. She's having problems finding a place to live, so has been living with friends for the past three months.

"I don't know where to go for help," Jenny said. "Where do they go for help."

That answer may not be clear, but everyone says the one thing that is clear, is something needs to be done about the homeless problem.

"I hope the beaches clear up, but I don't know how they gonna address that issue," Jenny said.

State officials have said they are looking into building a shelter on the Waianae coast, similar to the one in Kakaako.